About Me!

My name is Emily. I’m 21 years old and currently in college for Environmental Science. I’m in an amazing relationship of going on 6 years with a wonderful man.

 We are the parents of two fur babies: Henry, a blue tick/walker, and Marlo, a one-eyed black lab mix. 

I am 21 but I might as well be 75 because in my free time I enjoy reading, sewing, crocheting, and other various crafty stuff. 

I’m a super active person. I love running, swimming, weight lifting, Zumba, Tennis, just to name some activities I do. I have a “fitness blog” on Tumblr  (fit-happens13) to interact with other people trying to get in shape (or already are). So if that’s you, head over to my blog and say hey!

I might as well mention some annoying fandom crap. Supernatural, OUAT, PLL. Avid OITNB fan as well as Bates Motel. So if you wanna talk tv obsession I’m your gal. Don’t get me started with video games… Pokemon (no not that Pokemon Go crap), Legend of Zelda, Diablo (preferably II), Skyrim. I will play Yoshi’s Island forever. (Or at least as long as the SNES cartridge still works)

I LOVE making friends and meeting people with similar interests. Please don’t be shy! Talk to me! My inbox is always open for casual conversation. (eemmiillyy13@gmail.com)