Why My 1 Week Social Media Cleanse Turned Into 2 Years

Social-Media-PNG-FileI look around everywhere and everyone I see is scrolling through Facebook or posting pics to Insta. At 21 years old, you would assume that I am the same way; and I was. I was overly obsessed with checking my Twitter timeline and constantly scrolling through Facebook and seeing the same things over and over. I will admit that I never got into Instagram much. The idea of having to post a picture every time you made a post was and still is annoying to me.

My favorite app ever created is Pinterest.  pinterest_1475538227_280.jpg  So one day I was scrolling through ideas and saw a pin about a girl who did a “One Week Social Media Cleanse”. She talked about how much more time she had to do things she enjoyed and how much happier she seemed. I thought, “Why not?”

That day, I deleted the medias I used which were Twitter and Facebook. At first I was bored out of my mind. I was constantly staring at my cell phone thinking “Wtf am I supposed to do now?” Well that all became clear in the next weeks to come.

When I was little, I loved art. I loved to paint, draw, and do all sorts of crafts. With my new found time, I started all that up again. Painting slates, making bows, wreaths, using my Dremel. I’m always making something nowadays. I go outside so much more, sometimes not even to do anything, just to sit outside in the sun or walk in the woods. I’ve taken up mushroom hunting. 18-mushrooms.pngI have an identification book I’ll take out and find different mushrooms in the woods. My knowledge of edible plants is now so much more advanced than before. My dog is happier too because I spend so much more time outdoors. Win win for us both.

When I stopped checking social media multiple times a day, and stopped being so wrapped up in and concerned with everyone else’s lives, I became more connected to my own.20160702_120355.jpg My relationship has never been better than it is right now. Adam and I have been together 6 years this October, and without needing to be on WiFi all the time, we have done so much more and I’ve been able to enjoy the things around me instead of the tiny screen in my pocket. Half of the time, I hardly have my phone even out or on me at all. Adam and I have been making trails at my mom’s house through the woods, clearing out the invasive Honeysuckle that’s taking over everything in sight, and making fires with our friends every chance we get. The photo on the left was taken last summer at Red Bud Outdoor National Race in Michigan. Our social lives have gotten so much better. I had thought that having Facebook kept me in the loop, but then I thought that if they really wanted me personally to know something, they would text or call me, and what do you know; they did. You truly find out who your friends are when you become unplugged from the internet. Your real friends are the ones that text or call wanting to hang out or tell you about something important that happened that day. I have come to the realization that I was only friends with certain people because I saw them every day at school. After high school, I grew up, but a lot of people I graduated didn’t seem to do the same, and that just wasn’t me.

Without needing to know everyone else’s business, my private life has been just that: private. My close friends and family know my business and that is all. I think that if you’re constantly feeling the need to know everyone else’s sh*t, then you need to step back and ask yourself why.

Now don’t get me wrong, the service is fantastic for people you still dearly love but never see. Whether they moved out-of-state or something else, this gives them the chance to show everyone their new house or newest grand baby without individually texting each person. Although it takes the personal feel away, it is convenient in a pinch.

Basically my point in a nutshell is that when you disconnect from the virtual and get back in touch with reality and the things around you, life becomes so much more exciting. Focus on your own lives, and the people you truly care for. Wasting your time evil-internet-3663073complaining over something someone Tweeted about that may or probably wasn’t even directed at you is really just a downer. Your life is your own. You have the ability to control the things people know and do not know, what is public and what is private. In my Facebook days, I can remember people posting about how sick they felt that day and how they spent their day on the toilet! Why is that something that needs to be made public????? I am not saying that every person who uses social media is out for attention, but some people really make it seem that way. When you strive less for attention, and more for what makes YOU personally happy, your life becomes so much easier and so much more relaxing.

So here I am, challenging everyone to do a 1 Week Social Media Cleanse, and who knows, maybe your 1 week will turn into almost 2 years like mine did!



McDonald’s Bags, Beer Cans, and Acid Mine Drainage

Driving down those dusty old back roads, what would you expect to see? Mcdonalds bags? Beer cans? Trash? Well here in Southeastern Ohio, we see all those things, along with some lovely (not) Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). The waters in and some places around Perry State Forest run a bright orange color as the result of mining that took place pre-1960. 

Before 1977, miners could come in and tear up the land, without taking any precautions simply because there was no law telling them they had to. When they were finished mining, that was it. They packed up and left. In 1977 the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act  (SMCRA) was passed that basically said companies had to take precautions to protect as much of the environment as they could and that they had to reclaim the land when they were finished mining. 

This photo was taken along the side of Number 8 Hollow Road in New Lexington. The runoff from the forest is running bright orange along the side of the road and has as long as I can remember. 

This is just a few feet from where the previous photo was taken. This shows a large pool of water standing along the road.

In the forest pictured beside the road, the water has stained the trees for up to 3 or 4 feet of their trunks from where the water has risen and fell over the years. 

Pictured above is Essington Lake located on NR 3 in New Lexington. As you can see lookonf all around the edges of the lake, they are orange. This is a big a beautiful lake that would be perfect for fishing and picnicking. Except the fact that there are no, and cannot be any, fish in this water body. The dissolved oxygen levels are so low due to the acid mine drainage (AMD), that fish cannot survive. 

This photo was taken standing on a culvert on the edge of Essington Lake. The water looks like orange Kool-Aid and the soil is stained to match. 

It’s sad to see such nice land be so polluted from people of the past. If you’re driving through any cities with a coal history, and you see the waters running orange or red, put up your middle finger and say, “Thanks miners pre 1977.”